SEGITTUR awards Burgos a Smart Destination associate designation

Enrique Martínez Marín, Chairman of SEGITTUR, today awarded the mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, the Smart Destination associate designation. Accessibility and sustainability were the categories for which Burgos received its highest marks.

The Deputy Mayor and Chairman of PROMUEVE BURGOS, the Society for the Promotion and Development of the City of Burgos, Vicente Marañón, was also present.

The Smart Destinations project is an initiative vigorously promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism to contribute towards making Spanish destinations more competitive. Burgos received the designation following the production of a diagnostic report, which assesses over 400 requirements of Smart Destination methodology, divided into five categories: governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility.

The diagnostic report shows that Burgos has received a score of 52.6%, meaning that it is undertaking the process to become a Smart Destination with half the journey already completed. Its work in accessibility is already very advanced, receiving a score of 63.1% thanks to initiatives such as its Comprehensive Accessibility Plan, Mobility Plan and the availability of accessible physical space, among others.

It received its second highest score for sustainability, with 57.3%, for actions such as its cultural heritage recovery programme, ecosystem and environment protection, waste management and promotion of recycling methods.

In terms of governance, Burgos appears to have strategic planning instruments in place, although it has also made noteworthy efforts in promotion and commercialisation in recent years through the PROMUEVE BURGOS municipal company.

In technology, efforts to implement a new content management platform for municipal portals, including the development of a new tourism portal, are particularly impressive.

The road map designed for Burgos in the report suggests the creation of a tourism management body adapted to the Smart Destination model, developing new, innovative tourism products, supporting the tourist office with a virtual assistant, boosting certification in quality tourism and promoting accessibility in private sector tourist companies.

The Chairman of SEGITTUR explained that Burgos’ investment in becoming a Smart Destination represents a decisive step towards a sustainable tourism model, which will help bring value to the destination, increase competitiveness and help it become more efficient. It will also contribute towards higher quality stays for visitors and a better quality of life for residents.