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Sociedad Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas, S.A. (SEGITTUR), attached to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and reporting to the National Department of Tourism, is responsible for promoting innovation (R+D+i) in the Spanish tourism industry, in both the public (new models and channels for the promotion, management and creation of smart destinations and so on) and private sector (support for entrepreneurs, new, sustainable and more competitive business models, export of Spanish technology).

SEGITTUR is a powerful and effective operator capable of contributing to the development, modernisation and maintenance of a frontline tourist industry through technological innovation. It generates and manages the technology, knowledge and innovation necessary to enhance competitiveness, quality and sustainability in the environmental, economic and social aspects of tourism. It disseminates, promotes and implements in tourism markets both at home and abroad the best practices, know-how and technological innovation that have made Spain a world reference in the sphere of international tourism.

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