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Conecturatl was created with the aim of aiding the development of the Canary Islands and southern Morocco by cooperating in the transfer of knowledge and research on the tourism sector. To achieve this, work is currently underway on establishing a knowledge network among universities, researchers, technology experts and business associations. Once the network is in place, the energisation tasks have begun, whose ultimate goal is to ensure a closer collaboration, identify shared R+D+i needs in the tourism sector, and materialise these needs in value-added products for the region.

The project, which will conclude at the end of 2014, has a budget of 290,641.55 euros, of which 75% is financed with POCTEFEX funds (ERDF).

This initiative is managed by SEGITTUR with the collaboration of the Las Palmas University Foundation on the Spanish side, and the Université Ibn Zohr in Agadir as the project partner on the Morocco side.

The following actions are planned:

• Establishment of an interuniversity network between southern Morocco-Canary Islands
• Development of a database for information and scientific production in the field of tourism.
• Design of pilot actions for knowledge transfer to the business sector.
• Creation of a discussion group with a view to creating advanced training initiatives in the field of tourism between universities in the Canary Islands and southern Morocco.
• Organisation of a University Congress on Tourism in the Canary Islands and Moroccan territorial area.


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