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Impulsa Turismo

Líneas de financiación

Emprendetur 2014


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The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism launched the third edition of the Emprendetur funding lines, endowed with 110 million euros destined to fund projects by young entrepreneurs and companies that contribute innovation to the tourism sector.

Emprendetur 2014 has two funding lines: Emprendetur Young Entrepreneurs, destined for products by young tourism entrepreneurs and endowed with 30 million euros; and Emprendetur R+D+i, for funding companies with innovative projects and actions in the field of tourism, with a budget of 80 million euros.

The aim of this measure is to encourage the development of innovative business models that improve the competitiveness and profitability of the Spanish tourism sector, and to foster the incorporation of young entrepreneurs into the business community.

Emprendetur is one of a number of actions included in the National Integrated Tourism Plan 2012-2015 (PNIT) to stimulate the capacity for innovation within the Spanish tourism industry and exploit the business opportunities available to resourceful entrepreneurs thanks to the wealth of as yet untapped tourism resources in our country.

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