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MFI Technical Courses in Washington


June 2014, Institutional Relations

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Encuentro con Embajador de Reino de España en Estados Unidos

Sociedad Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas, S.A. (SEGITTUR) and ICEX España Exportaciones e Inversiones hosted a meeting in Washington on 6-8 March between Spanish companies in the tourism sector and several multilateral financial institutions.

The event was in response to the objectives marked by the National Department of Tourism within the National Integrated Tourism Plan (PNIT) 2012-2015 to support the transfer and export of tourism know-how. To achieve this, a process was launched to foster the internationalisation of Spanish tourism companies and support them in opening up new markets and identifying projects.

Multilateral financial institutions (MFIs), including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and other international institutions such as the Organisation of American States and the Millennium Challenge Corporation –which funds projects dedicated to eradicating poverty in the world–, have identified tourism as a priority sector for developing countries.

MFIs have demonstrated their commitment to tourism by funding a large number of projects which offer business opportunities for Spanish companies in the tourism sector all over the world, and which were on display during the meeting in Washington.

Spanish companies had an opportunity to learn more about how these institutions operate, their project portfolios, and the strategies deployed by development banks in the area of tourism, in addition to identifying possible partners among American companies, NGOs and academic institutions involved in projects in the tourism sector all over the world.

Thanks to its long tradition as a tourist destination, Spain has successfully created a quality product by optimising the value of its resources and developing new management formulas. For this reason Spanish companies, whose extensive trajectory is of great interest to new emerging destinations and international institutions, were invited to describe their experience and share success stories that could be implemented in other countries.

The participating Spanish companies and institutions who made presentations and analysed their most important success stories before the MFIs included: Paradores, Barcelona City Council, Bilbao City Council, CIc-Tourgune, The Globaldit, CEGOS España, Tourism & Leisure, IDOM, THR, Fundación Metrópoli and Turismo de Barcelona.

Images of the meetings with IFIs