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STEEP Project (Social Tourism European Exchanges Platform)


The STEEP project (Social Tourism European Exchanges Platform), part of the CALYPSO preparatory action launched by the European Commission and coordinated by the International Organisation of Social Tourism (OITS), aims to facilitate transnational exchanges in the low season for the following target groups: young people, seniors, underprivileged families and disabled people.

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This platform is intended to serve as a meeting point for tourism service providers and intermediaries, and the underlying purpose of the information system is thus to match the demand emanating from the intermediary bodies with the supply from tourism operators. The idea is to design attractive offers to exploit low-season surpluses, and create an opportunity for transnational travel for the target population segments.

SEGITTUR's involvement in the project is in first place as the organisation responsible for the entire technological aspect of the design, development and implementation of the portal; and in second place, by contributing its experience in Spanish tourism and in establishing transnational initiatives and projects focused on the senior sector, such as "Europe Senior Tourism" or "European Senior Travellers".

The consortium in charge of implementing the project was formed by the OITS in its capacity as coordinator of the following bodies: FLOREAL, UNAT, ENAT, LEGACOOP, CONSORCIO SIENNA HOTELS PROMOTION and SEGITTUR.

The project was launched in April 2012 and concluded in June 2013.

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