www.spain.info – Spain’s official tourism website

www.spain.info is the main online platform for the international promotion of Spain as a tourist destination. Spain’s official tourism portal is managed by Segittur under the direction of Turespaña, which has owned and been responsible for the site since its creation in 2003.

Segittur’s main tasks in managing this website include design, development, updating, translation, analytics, content creation, technological support and evolution, market research, user analysis, and SEO and SEM optimisation.

There are nine international versions of the website promoting our country around the world, in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

The new version of www.spain.info, published in July 2020, introduces a dynamic new design with heightened visual impact and content that inspires tourists by taking advantage of new digital trends. This new updated portal is also fully integrated with Turespaña’s strategic marketing plan, being focused 100% on the consumer and on the segmentation and customisation of the phases of the customer journey (dreaming, discovering and planning).

The main objectives here are to make a positive contribution to the tourism sector, presenting Spain as a safe and sustainable destination using content tailored to the cosmopolitan tourist who has greater spending power, and improving the image of our country’s tourism brand.

The aim is also to deseasonalise demand by offering different ideas and options, and encouraging geographical diversification. Content is focused on products other than classic beach holidays, including options such as cultural, nature, and shopping tourism, and seeks new users from non-traditional feeder markets.

The new features of www.spain.info  include:

  • Inspirational content and an improved user experience in terms of navigation and usability
  • Implementation of the mobile-first approach
  • New features that help tourists to plan and organise their trips
  • Integration of social media to enable content sharing
  • Optimisation of technological developments to improve SEO

What does www.spain.info offer tourists?

Spain’s official tourism portal is a tool for inspiring potential international tourists and helping them to plan their trip. With a visual approach to content, it also provides a solid base of useful information. Additionally, it makes it easy to book activities and experiences to enjoy at the destination.

What does www.spain.info offer tourism companies?

Through www.spain.info, private companies can benefit from the incorporation of a channel for the promotion and sale of tourism activities and experiences.

The website in numbers

  • More than 15,000,000 pages viewed per year by potential tourists.
  • 11 languages promoting Spain online as a tourist destination.
  • 5 full international versions in Spanish, German, French, English, and Italian.
  • 4 versions mostly translated into Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • 2 fully customised versions for the Arab Gulf States and Chinese markets.
  • More than 5,000 high quality images for high-impact visual promotion of Spain.
  • More than 300 trip ideas and promotional content items.
  • More than 50 tourist routes with unusual tours, urban itineraries and major routes.
  • Tourist information on around 750 destinations.
  • More than 2,000 fact sheets on cultural attractions and places of interest throughout Spain.
  • More than 550 events on a dynamic up-to-date agenda geared towards the interests of international tourists.
  • Almost 2,000 tourism experiences promoted and on the market.
  • Over 2,500 pages of practical information with tips on travel, transport, the weather, contact details, etc.
  • More than 250 cutting-edge maps for locating tourist attractions, designing itineraries, and generating practical information.
  • More than 900 thematic and location tags to facilitate navigation and link content.
  • Extensive catalogue of brochures in 15 languages for downloading or reading online.

Segittur has developed two official tourism portals for Spain that we also manage, which are fully customised for priority markets with very specific needs: Arab Gulf States (https://www.spain.info/gcc/ar/ ) and China (http://www.visitspain.com.cn /).