Lines of action

Sociedad Mercantil Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas, S.A.M.P (SEGITTUR), under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and attached to the State Secretariat for Tourism, is responsible for promoting innovation (R&D) in the Spanish tourism sector, both in the public sector (new promotion models and channels, management and creation of smart destinations, etc.) and in the private sector (support for entrepreneurs, new sustainable and more competitive management models, exporting Spanish technology).

SEGITTUR is a powerful and effective operator capable of contributing to the development, modernisation and maintenance of a leading tourist industry through technological innovation. It generates and manages the technology, expertise, and innovation necessary to improve competitiveness, quality and sustainability in the environmental, economic and social aspects of tourism. It disseminates, promotes and implements in tourism markets both at home and abroad the best practices, know-how and technological innovation that have made Spain a world reference in the sphere of international tourism.

SEGITTUR is a state-owned trading company wholly owned by the General State Administration which, as stated in Article 2-bis of its Articles of Association, “is an instrumental resource and technical service of the State Administration and the Spanish Tourism Institute (TURESPAÑA), as well as of the entities, agencies or entities” that are contracting authorities and are linked to or directly or indirectly dependent on them.

As mentioned in SEGITTUR’s annual accounts, the essential part of its activity is performed for the General State Administration (mainly the State Secretariat for Tourism), through orders and credit transfers charged to its budgets.

SEGITTUR is aligned with the main objectives of the State Secretariat for Tourism and, therefore, of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

We are currently working to respond to a strategy based on 5 lines of action:


SEGITTUR has invested strongly in digital marketing, having accumulated more than fifteen years of experience in promoting Spain as a tourist destination abroad, as well as its cultural heritage through the management of online marketing strategies, with the design, management and maintenance of web portals and social media strategy.

Two of our most important projects are  and www.españ


SEGITTUR operates in national and international tourism markets using the best practices, knowledge and technological innovation that have made Spain a world leader in the field of international tourism.

We promote the internationalisation of our tourism SMEs, guiding them in the opening of new markets and promoting the export of their tourism products and services, and facilitating access to Spanish international cooperation funds with a special interest in Latin America.

We also support and promote the entrepreneurial Spanish tourism ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on technology-based tourism companies with innovative projects and developments.


SEGITTUR is working to find solutions that respond to the new needs arising from the increasing role of new technologies in tourism. Tourism is an example of how the increasing computer literacy of users has transformed the existing business model, from the point of view of both supply and demand.

Digital transformation is a challenge for destinations and tourism companies, but it also brings a range of opportunities which SEGITTUR hopes Spain’s tourism industry can take advantage of, working together to improve its competitiveness.


SEGITTUR is working on the Smart Destinations project for the State Secretariat for Tourism. We are committed to a tourism development model based on the concepts of governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility, which aims to guarantee the present and future of tourism.  This model has been internationally recognised by such prominent organisations and institutions as UNWTO, the OECD, the IDB and the WTTC.

We are also working to improve and develop tourism metrics and knowledge systems.


SEGITTUR is are aware of the importance of tourism contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Global Compact. SEGITTUR is working to make a contribution to these goals, and in this way achieve sustainable development in tourism.