SEGITTUR launches the second study to determine the degree of digitalisation of tourism SMEs in Spain

SEGITTUR has launched the second study to determine the degree of digitalisation of tourism SMEs in Spain, with a survey of more than 2,500 companies from the different subsectors.

The target subsectors include accommodation, travel agencies, tourist activities, restaurants, hire vehicles and bus travel.

For the president of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez, it is important that tourism SMEs become aware of the relevance of the digital transformation of their businesses: it represents a great challenge for the tourism sector in Spain, but it also entails a variety of opportunities, since it helps to improve competitiveness, professionalisation, marketing and efficiency, while enabling the sustainable development of tourism.

The study will address, as in its first edition, digitalisation throughout the entire travel life cycle, both in internal business management and in the relationship with the customer. It will take account of aspects that encompass the business vision, the innovative product, the user experience, marketing and sales, business operations, administrative processes, talent and digital systems.

SMEs interested in participating in the study can complete this questionnaire:

To carry out the study, developed with the support of Madison, SEGITTUR will also collaborate with sector associations, which can help raise awareness among companies about the study.

Along with the report, SEGITTUR will prepare a guide with recommendations for SMEs on how to improve their level of digitalisation depending on their situation.

In the first report, the average degree of digitalisation of tourism SMEs in Spain stood at 31.20%, with the marketing and sales areas as the most digitalised, while the area with a longer path for improvement was administrative processes. All the results of the first report are available at