Technology Firms and Tourism Companies also Commit to the Smart Destinations Network

Technology firms and tourism companies are showing increasing interest in the Smart Destinations Network, whose Plenary Committee met today, chaired by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés.

The Plenary Committee approved the incorporation of thirteen new institutions and 21 companies, which means that the network now has 381 members, of which 226 are full members; 63 are institutions; 89 are collaborating companies, and three are observer members.

The secretary of state for tourism informed the attendees about the calls that are expected to be launched in the coming months, by the Secretariat of State for Tourism under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan or as part of the regular programming.

The committee was also attended by the President of the FEMP Tourism Commission and Mayor of Calvià Alfonso Rodríguez, as well as the Deputy Corporate Director of, Antonio Saravia, and the President of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín.

Over the course of this year, the Smart Destinations Network has continued to promote training for destinations with a course on UNE standards linked to tourism, together with other courses organised in conjunction with the AECID and the UIMP. To which various webinars have been added.

As part of the commitment to the generation of knowledge, several guides and manuals have been published, which include: “Manual for the Creation of a Digital Destination Guide”, the white paper “The New Traveller: How the Tourism Sector is Preparing for the Future”, and the “Guide for Best Practices in Digitalisation for Smart Destinations”. Furthermore, the first Cultural Heritage Meeting was held in Palma last month.

To provide greater visibility and extend the smart tourism destination model and the network itself, 14 dissemination days have taken place across Spain, with the participation both of destinations and of companies within the Smart Destinations Network.

New members of the Smart Destinations Network

New institutions that have joined the Network include AEICE, Cluster de Hábitat Eficiente; the Association of Local Councils of the Camino Inglés; the Condado-Paradanta Rural Development Association; the Association for the Integral Rural Development of the Salamanca Mountain Ranges (ADRISS), The Cabo Ortegal Geopark Management Association; the Aragon Valley Tourist Association; the Spanish Federation of Tourist Accommodation Associations (FEVITUR).

Other members of the Smart Destinations Network are: the National Federation for the Hire of Vehicles with or without a Driver (FENEVAL), the CARTIF Foundation, the Cybervolunteers Foundation, the Foundation of Medium-sized Cities in Central Andalusia, the COTEC Foundation for Innovation, and the Spanish Rural Development Network.

The new companies joining the Smart Destinations Network are: Aumentur, Bosch, Bosonit, COTESA, Dielmo 3D, Elliot Cloud, Equalitas Accesibilidad, Fabertelecom, Forward Keys, GreeMko, Gymkana Turística Digital, iUrban, Orange, Qrednomenclator, Quatechnion, Reiniziat, Tourist Connectivity, URBIM, Urbiótica, Visualfy and Wanderlust Global Life.