Spain is Culture, the official website promoting the cultures of Spain

A digital window onto Spain’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. A space for the online promotion of the country’s cultural tourist attractions, which includes digitalised works of art, virtual visits to monuments, a calendar of cultural events and festivals, and an extensive archive of biographies of authors and artists, all highlighting one of Spain’s greatest assets: its culture.

The official portal for the promotion of Spanish culture is a Ministry of Culture and Sport project managed by SEGITTUR. Aimed at a national and international public, this portal for the promotion of cultural tourism is also available translated into English and French under the domain

What does www.españ offer?

A simple, innovative way to access Spain’s cultural heritage and cultural attractions from three complementary perspectives: by geography (Autonomous Regions and towns), by period (art and history), and by subject. In this way, it uses technology to offer an interactive browsing experience with value added by the digitalisation of numerous works of art and important monuments, that can be viewed in great detail and in high resolution on the computer screen.




The website also provides plenty of cultural information, such as tourist routes, the calendar of events, promotional articles, museum information, heritage sites, cultural destinations, artists, works of art and artistic styles, together with many other resources that both showcase Spain’s culture and guarantee digital access to it.

What do we do at SEGITTUR?

We’re responsible for managing the official website that promotes Spain’s many different cultures, and we provide solutions that meet the needs of the Ministry of Culture and Sport as well as those of public agencies within the cultural sector in terms of new ideas and the creation, dissemination and updating of promotional content via the www.españ website, which also has a presence on the social networks Twitter and Facebook. We also encourage smooth, effective communication with public agencies within the Spanish cultural sector to facilitate online promotion and ensure digital access to their information.

Promotion of Spanish Culture Project

The www.españ website was developed and published in 2011 as part of the Promotion of Spanish Culture Project, assigned by the Ministry of Culture to SEGITTUR. This project also included the development of other lines of work such as the digitisation and cataloguing of collections in state museums, the creation of specialised thesauri to facilitate the homogeneous recovery of information, and the development of a technological gateway that allows the integration of museum collections into the Digital Network of Spanish Museum Collections (RDCME), thus guaranteeing both accessibility and the enhancement of museum heritage.