DATAESTUR,, is a unique national tourism data site where you can access figures from different information sources.

The website is starting off with public data on tourism, coming from traditional sources like the National Statistics Institute (INE), the Bank of Spain, Aena, Ports of the State and Turespaña, to name but a few, which will be updated as soon as they are updated by the official source.

Structure of the data

The data are structured into five categories: general data – international tourist arrivals; economics – tourism expenditure, contribution to GDP, employment; transport – air passengers, passenger traffic by ports, rail and road; and accommodation – hotel occupancy, accommodation prices; and knowledge – active listening, scientific information on tourism (SICTUR) and scientific tourism journals.

Both public and private data is included; in the latter case, these data originate from the telephone operator Telefónica.

This initiative is part of a more ambitious project in which data analysis constitutes the basis for improving knowledge about tourists, while contributing towards making Spain a more competitive tourist destination.

Within the context of these data, a knowledge area has been created where active listening reports will be published with information on what is being said on social media about Spain as a tourist destination, as well as tourists’ interests when travelling to Spain. This information will be hugely useful for destinations’ management bodies to become more familiar with tourists’ behaviour during different parts of their trips.

This website will constantly be developed and will gradually incorporate new sources of interest linked directly and indirectly to tourism.