Destinations in the DTI Network host 83% of foreign tourists staying in Spain

The destinations in the Smart Destinations Network account for 3.2% of all towns and cities in Spain yet they host 83% of the foreign tourists visiting our country, according to the conclusions reached at the 4th Meeting of DTI Network Managers, which brought together more than 80 destinations in El Ejido.

These figures reflect the importance that destinations in the DTI Network have when it comes to tourism in Spain, serving as a representative network for Spanish tourism, highlighted the Head of R&D at SEGITTUR, Carlos Romero Dexeus.

The managers of DTI destinations have agreed that the Smart Destinations programme must be consolidated as a space of interaction for the design, development and implementation of tourism policies at the local level, while insisting that the Network must generate economies of scale in technological projects.

The Smart Destinations programme is a model at the service of better governance, with a view to improving tourism competitiveness, making better places to live and better places to visit.

For the members of the DTI Network, being a member of the Network enhances the sense of belonging to a community at the service of tourism, where the Secretariat, through SEGITTUR, sets out the measures and tools that respond to the needs raised by the destinations.

Over the two days of the meeting, the managers had the opportunity to share experiences and outstanding challenges as part of the 4th Meeting of DTI Network Managers, which brought together more than 110 professionals from almost 90 destinations in the DTI Network.

The activities undertaken included a review of the actions performed within the DTI Network and, in particular, with regard to updating the DTI methodology and its impact on future work in relation to the diagnosis of a Smart Destination.

The tourism managers in attendance participated in a number of work sessions focussed on identifying barriers and proposals in the different areas of work on the DTI programme, promoting synergies and co-creation amongst attendees that will allow the Secretariat of the DTI Network to reorient and promote new actions in the coming years.

Furthermore, the DTI questionnaires and action plan subject to an in-depth review, addressing the variety of improvements implemented in relation to the Smart Destination methodology, which currently consists of 97 requirements and 261 indicators