Gijón will host the 5th Meeting of Smart Destination Network Managers

Gijón, having been finalists in the race to be named European Capital of Smart Tourism, will host the 5th Meeting of Smart Destination Network Managers between 9 and 11 May.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together more than 150 managers from approximately one hundred destinations that form part of the DTI Network to generate synergies, transfer knowledge and exchange experiences and concerns to share details of the work carried out in their regions. Furthermore, the presentation of new best practices, expert workshops and group sessions will take place.

The Smart Destinations network brings together and represent all tourism destinations that have initiated the process of earning the SD badge, as well as other essential agents, from the various strata of public bodies involved through to the private and academic sectors; in short, all those whose knowledge and field of work can add value to the development of SDs.

The Network of Smart Destinations is currently made up of 618 members, of which 437 are destinations, 87 are institutional members and 91 are collaborating companies and 3 are international observers.

The Smart Destinations project, led by the State Secretariat for Tourism, through SEGITTUR, aims to improve the management of destinations, by promoting the digital transformation, promoting the sustainable development of tourism and ensuring the satisfaction of tourists and improving the living conditions of the population.

SEGITTUR performs the Technical Secretariat functions of the DTI Network and the management of the Smart Destination project. This works towards a tourism development model based on the concepts of governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility, in order to guarantee both the present and future of tourism.

A model that is internationally recognised by well-known organisations and institutions such as the UNWTO, the OECD, the IDB and the WTTC.

Gijón/Xixón Smart Destination

Gijón/Xixón joined the Smart Destinations project in 2020, and its Diagnosis Report and Action Plan were drawn up in the spring of 2020 for its ultimate transformation into a Smart Destination. Gijón/Xixón passed the requirements of the SEGITTUR methodology, which meant that earned its Smart Destination badge.

The conversion of Gijón/Xixón into a Smart Destination involves updating the destination structured around five strategic pillars: governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility.