Malaga receives the Smart Destination designation following assessment by SEGITTUR

Malaga today received the Smart Destination designation following assessment by SEGITTUR, in accordance with the Secretary of State for Tourism’s Smart Destination methodology, having earned a compliance score of over 80%.

The Chairman of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín, has awarded the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the Smart Destination designation, demonstrating the hard work Malaga has put into tourism, which already had the experience of being a Smart City.

The awarding of the designation is the result of having excelled in the analysis performed by the SEGITTUR team, who worked with different areas of the local government over several months to assess over 400 requirements linked to the five categories of the Smart Destination model (governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability).

Within the areas analysed, Malaga received its highest score for innovation, with 93.3%. This was followed by sustainability (82.6%), governance (82.5%), technology (80.5%) and accessibility (61.7%).

Innovation: a driver for development

In terms of innovation, it is worth noting that Malaga has been investing in this aspect for years, having turned it into a fundamental driver for its development as a city and as a tourist destination. Its development as a Smart City has allowed it to participate in European projects, benefiting from early implementations of technology.

During this innovation process, Malaga has managed to position itself as a benchmark city destination. However, there is room for improvement in terms of commercialisation and marketing.

With respect to technology, its Smart development has been advantageous in testing and implementing technological solutions, supported by its decision to participate in the Smart Costa del Sol project by

Commitment to sustainability

In the sustainability category, this city stands out for its commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism. This is reflected in the quality of life enjoyed by its residents and its visitors’ experiences, and can serve as a reference model on both a national and an international level.

Accessibility is also part of Malaga’s tourism model, although there is room for improvement in tourist attractions and the destination’s marketing channels, such as its website. Having an area dedicated to this aspect demonstrates the city’s interest, although accessibility needs to be included throughout the tourism value chain.

The recommendations made to Malaga City Council include the creation of a Smart Destination master plan linked to the existing strategic plans and the creation of a Smart Destination Smart Office.

The destination has also been encouraged to develop a programme for companies to incorporate innovation into their processes and management, such as an intelligent tourism system, among other suggestions.

The Chairman of SEGITTUR congratulated Malaga for its efforts and dedication, and highlighted that “Being a Smart Destination will add value to the destination, making it more competitive and boosting sustainable tourism development.”

The mayor of Malaga stated that “Achieving this designation demonstrates once again the huge investment we are making in the city of Malaga in innovation, technology and accessibility for all residents and visitors. For many years, Malaga has been a city that has known, and is now seeing in action, the importance of innovation and bringing technology to citizens’ everyday lives and the services we provide. This designation therefore recognises the work carried out both by and for residents and visitors.”

“Moreover, it comes together with several milestones achieved this year which are also strengthening our leading position as a safe, high-quality destination, such as the World Travel & Tourism Council seal, which places the city of Malaga on its list of destinations with the highest guarantees to travel in the world, as well as holding the title of European Smart Tourism Capital 2020,” the mayor of Malaga highlighted.

All this demonstrates the efforts made in this matter by the Malaga local government and, of course, the tourism sector and its employees. “This important designation from SEGITTUR is further motivation to keep working in this area, always investing in innovation and technology that are available to all,” concluded de la Torre.