Manual for the creation of a digital destination guide

SEGITTUR in collaboration with Destination Lab, a partner company of the Smart Destinations Network, has developed a manual for the creation of a digital destination guide.

The intense activity of the Network during the current COVID-19 crisis has materialised in the implementation of specific actions to support the response to the challenges for tourism management derived not only from the pandemic, but also from the digital transformation process in which the sector is immersed, as well as from the new consumption patterns of tourists.

In this context, SEGITTUR, together with Destination Lab, has developed the Manual for the creation of a digital destination guide, whose mission is none other than to respond to a specific need of tourism managers, who must approach promotion under a new paradigm.

This manual aims to develop a model for the creation of a digital tourist guide, defining the elements that compose it, the guidelines and best practices, so that any tourist destination facing a project for the creation of its digital tourist guide can implement it according to its needs.

The manual provides information on the key elements of a digital guide, including interfaces, content, social media, SEO, content management, architecture and security, and data protection and compliance.

The handbook joins the series of guides, manuals and guidelines published by the Smart Destinations Network, which contribute to offering guidelines, tools and instruments to mitigate uncertainty in the context of COVID-19 and, at the same time, highlight Spain’s leadership in tourism intelligence.

Those interested can consult the guide on the SEGITTUR website: