SEGITTUR accepts the Fitur 2021 Sustainable Stand prize

Today, the Chairman of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín, accepted the Sustainable Stand prize awarded by Fitur to SEGITTUR as part of Fitur 2021.

This prize was shared with the stands from Argentina, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, the Canary Islands, Paradores and Vectalia.

SEGITTUR knew from the beginning that Fitur 2021 was going to be very special due to what it meant for the reactivation of a new tourism, known for digitalisation and sustainability. It therefore wanted its Fitur stand to reflect both of these concepts and to make it as sustainably as possible.

Recycled cork, among other materials, was used in the construction of its stand, as SEGITTUR is investing in its commitment to sustainability, based on three pillars: the circular economy, recycling and zero waste.

Also used in the construction of the stand were boards made of wood shavings, known as OSBs. These are a sustainable product as trees don’t need to be felled to make them; the raw materials come from the thin trunks of trees from self-sustaining forests.

Almost all of the materials used were reusable and/or recyclable. Following disassembly, some were selected to return to workshops while others were sent to recycling points. The combination of these actions results in a lower consumption of water, electricity and raw materials.

At SEGITTUR, we understand the importance of caring for the planet, nature and all aspects related to the environment, and we know that the more we do in this regard, the more likely we are to have a hope-filled, healthy future for everyone.

To award the prize, Fitur and the Institute of Responsible Tourism took into account how well project designs were aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, care towards the environment through the use of recyclable materials and fully renewable sources of energy.

Moreover, the jury, which consisted of experts in tourism and sustainability, particularly valued certain unique elements of the different proposals. In the case of SEGITTUR, the use of signs in Braille throughout the stand was highlighted.

For Fitur 2022, SEGITTUR will build a new stand with sustainability at its heart, as we know that every drop we add to the ocean will help us work towards a more sustainable planet for everyone.