SEGITTUR analyses Tourism Intelligence with more than 30 destinations in the DTI Network

SEGITTUR met today in Malaga with more than thirty destinations from the Smart Destination Network to analyse tourism intelligence, based on the analysis of data from different sources linked directly and indirectly to the tourism sector.

The meeting took place in the context of the “Greencities, Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum” fair.

The Secretary of State for Tourism has chosen SEGITTUR to execute some of the investments included in component 14 “Plan for Modernisation and Competitiveness of the Tourism Sector” of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the Next Generation EU funds.

Specifically, the investments correspond to Component 14. Investment 2. Project 1 “Digital Transformation Plan for Tourist Destinations”. The objective of this project is to develop a smart destination platform that provides interoperability to the offer of public and private services to tourists. The platform allows all agents to interact with tourists in a digital, smart and scalable way.

Equally necessary is the creation of a layer that integrates all sources of tourist information in Spain, a Tourist Intelligence System. A solution that will be crucial for both tourism administrations and companies in their interaction and decision-making. The aim of this investment is to create a unique environment for access to information on supply and demand in the Spanish tourism sector, which is aggregated from the destination to the national level.

During the meeting, the destinations explained how they are developing their intelligence systems.

The destinations in attendance included Costa del Sol, Badajoz, Benidorm, Region of Murcia, Seville, Cadiz, Valencia, Santander, Lanzarote, Gran Canarias, Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Peñíscola.