SEGITTUR and Mastercard will collaborate in the digital transformation of smart destinations

SEGITTUR and Mastercard have entered into a collaboration agreement to promote the digital transformation of smart destinations.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez, and Nicola Villa, Mastercard’s Executive Vice President of Government Relations.

The two institutions will collaborate in the development of research and knowledge transfer projects involving local entities in the field of smart destinations, as well as in the promotion of research.

Furthermore, it is expected that, through Mastercard’s global Tourism Innovation Hub, based in Madrid, there will be an exchange of experiences and projects in the field of new technologies and innovation that contribute to the digital transformation of smart destinations and the tourism sector in general.

In the words of SEGITTUR’s Chairman, “this agreement provides an example of public-private collaboration in promoting the development and implementation of smart destinations, as well as serving as a lever for the digital transformation of destinations, which will help to improve the competitiveness of the tourism sector in general and of destinations in particular”.

Nicola Villa, Executive Vice President of Mastercard, asserted that “at Mastercard, we firmly believe that public-private partnerships are essential to driving innovation. We are delighted to collaborate with SEGITTUR and to make our Tourism Innovation Hub available to them to construct a smarter, more sustainable and inclusive form of tourism”.