SEGITTUR and Microsoft will collaborate in the digital transformation of tourist destinations

SEGITTUR and Microsoft Spain have entered into a partnership agreement to promote the digital transformation of tourist destinations.

The agreement, signed today by the president of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín, and the president of Microsoft Spain, Alberto Granados, aims to accelerate the transformation of destinations and the tourism sector, facilitating access to digital technologies and solutions.

This agreement comes at a time when the government, and thanks to the Next Generation European funds, is gaining awareness and helping the tourism sector to advance in its digital transformation, both in internal management processes and in its relationship with tourists.

Thus, Microsoft and Segittur will collaborate to digitalise the provision of public services linked to tourism, which will help to reduce the stress caused by severe fluctuations in the demand for services.

This agreement will lead to the promotion of the shared use of AI and data technology applications to improve the performance and analysis of the sector. Joint work will be done on decision-making (both in public administrations and in the private sector), based on data generated from the solutions deployed.

There is also a plan to promote a digital training and education action for public and private users of the tourism sector, and the commitment to encouraging better visibility and sales of tourism services and products.

“Signing this agreement is another step in the digital transformation of the tourism sector in Spain. Working on this facet is essential to respond to the needs of the new economic circumstances, as well as to gain competitiveness and improve the leadership of Spain as a tourist destination”, stressed the president of SEGITTUR.

“Digitalisation is a growth lever for all industries. Tourism is no exception Applying innovation and technologies such as AI will make organisations in this sector, key to our economy, not only gain in competitiveness and efficiency, but also in the ability to respond to the demands of increasingly hyperconnected and digital customers. We are delighted to collaborate with Segittur in promoting the Plan for the Digital Transformation of Tourist Destinations, at a time when we must design the future of the tourism industry, which undeniably involves persevering in digitalisation”, said Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain.