SEGITTUR and the COTEC Foundation Join Forces to Promote Innovation in the Tourism Sector

SEGITTUR and the COTEC Foundation for Innovation have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting innovation in the tourism sector in general, and in smart destinations in particular.

The agreement was signed by the president of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín, and the managing director of the COTEC Foundation, Jorge Barrero Fonticoba.

For the president of SEGITTUR, “the signing of this agreement means having the collaboration of a benchmark institution in the field of innovation, one that’s committed to innovation as a driving force both for the economy and for society, while at the same time boosting society’s innovative capabilities”.

The agreement aims to encourage reflection on whether or not current models for measuring innovation at national and international level are adequate for assessing innovation in tourism. To do so, innovation surveys and systems for the measurement of innovation in Spain and Europe will be used as a point of reference.

Furthermore, a working group of experts in innovation and tourism will be set up to analyse the evolution of the concept of innovation in service provision and open innovation, identifying sources of innovation, and the areas where there is a need for knowledge in tourism, together with other relevant issues.

Both institutions will be working to identify best practices and success stories in the field of innovation in tourism, both in companies and in domestic and international tourism destinations.

Throughout 2022, the focus will be on carrying out a joint review of the requirements and indicators linked to the innovation component of the smart destination model, as well as the recommendations proposed to destinations in this area stemming from the report based on assessment using smart destination methodology.

Lastly, it should be noted that there are also plans for the joint development of a glossary of concepts, definitions and terms related to innovation in tourism.