SEGITTUR and the provincial council of Ourense to work on the promotion of Smart Destinations

SEGITTUR and the provincial council of Ourense have today signed a collaboration agreement that will see the council promote the Smart Destination model throughout the province.

The agreement, entered into the President of the provincial council of Ourense, José Manuel Baltar Blanco, and the Chairman of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín, seeks to set out coordinated strategies that promote the implementation of the Smart Destination model in the province.

The protocol was approved by the Taskforce of Provincial Councils and Island Councils of the DTI Network. This taskforce was created to promote actions under the DTI model that improve the tourist development of destinations, bearing in mind the specific nature of these supra-municipal institutions.

The Chairman of SEGITTUR took the opportunity to reflect on the importance of councils promoting the DTI model, as they have the capacity to extend the model throughout the province. This agreement makes a very significant contribution to this end.

The President of the provincial council asserted “We are living the golden age of tourism in Ourense. Despite the pandemic, we are seeing record visitors, in terms of overnight stays, thanks to programmes like the smart destination programme and the tourist sustainability programme, both in terms of the thermal programme and the Ribeira Sacra programme”.

The State Secretariat for Tourism, through SEGITTUR, launched the Smart Destination programme to help make Spanish destinations more competitive in terms of sustainability and accessibility, through new governance models which make use of innovation and technology.

As part of this project, the Spanish Network of Smart Destinations (DTI Network) was set up with the mission of promoting public and public-private collaboration to position destinations at the heart of the public policy in relation to tourism, encouraging the improvement of their competitiveness, promoting synergies and facilitating the necessary transfer of knowledge and the development of products, services and actions of Smart Destinations.