SEGITTUR drafts the catalogue of technological solutions for smart destinations 2022

SEGITTUR has produced the second edition of the Smart Tourism Destinations catalogue, the aim being to list the different products and services that can help destinations on their journey to becoming smart destinations.

The Catalogue of Technological Solutions for Smart Tourism Destinations 2022 lists a total of 251 solutions and services, an increase of 49% compared to the 2021 edition.

“Technology supports us in the process of transforming tourism, providing us with the tools we need to achieve the effective transition of the sector, and for this reason it’s important to catalogue all the solutions and services implemented by the private sector that are enabling destinations to successfully address the requirements of the Smart Tourism Destination model”, said Enrique Martínez Marín, President of SEGITTUR.

All the solutions are categorised in line with the key principles of the smart destination model: governance, sustainability, innovation, technology and accessibility. An additional category, ‘Covid-19’ has been added to these five key principles, as a way of classifying solutions that support measures to deal with the need to curb the spread of Covid-19.

A total of 114 companies are represented in the catalogue, which contains solutions and services divided into 29 categories covering the following areas: accessibility, app development, energy management, semantic analysis, chatbots, consultancy, CRM in tourism, graphic design, drones, virtual environments, water management, energy and air quality, artificial intelligence, the IoT, marketing, mobility, platforms, security, sensorisation, data analysis systems, geographic information systems and Wi-Fi, and more.