SEGITTUR drafts the catalogue of technological solutions for smart destinations 2023

SEGITTUR has produced the third edition of the Smart Destinations catalogue, the aim being to list the different products and services that can help destinations on their journey to becoming smart destinations.

The Catalogue of Technological Solutions for Smart Destinations lists a total of 354 solutions and services, an increase of more than 40% compared to the 2022 edition.

“As part of the digital transformation process, technology is the companion of the tourism sector. In the context of the DTI Network, we have chosen to list the different solutions and services that the private sector has implemented and that are allowing destinations to respond to the needs of the Smart Destination model successfully” explained the Chairman of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martinez Marin.

All the solutions are categorised under one of the pillars of the Smart Destination model: governance, sustainability, innovation, technology and accessibility; as well as by type of destination: cultural and urban, nature and sport and niche and beach.

In total, 151 companies are included in the catalogue, with solutions and services distributed across 26 categories, covering the following topics: accessibility, app development, energy management, semantic analysis, chatbot, consultancy, tourism CRM, graphic design, drones, virtual environments, water management, energy and air quality, artificial intelligence, IOT, marketing, mobility, platforms, security, sensoring, data analysis systems, geographic information systems and Wi-Fi, in addition to others.