SEGITTUR begins work with Vitoria-Gasteiz on becoming a Smart Destination

This week, SEGITTUR began working with the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz to help it become a Smart Destination. This is a result of an initiative promoted by the Basque Tourism Agency, Basquetour, to add value to this Basque destination.

Experts from SEGITTUR have travelled to the capital of the region of Álava, where they have presented the initiative to agents directly and indirectly involved in the management of the destination.

During these days, interviews will be held with the leaders of the destination, the councillors for Digital Transformation, Citizen Participation, Transparency, Civic Centres, and Economic Promotion, Employment, Trade and Tourism, as well as the heads of tourist offices and conferences.

SEGITTUR will also talk with leaders and managers of municipal services, fire stations, police stations, transportation, the Centre for Environmental Studies, Mobility and Public Space, citizen customer service, coexistence and diversity, accessibility, environmental planning and management, and the sport and culture departments.

The work is based around the Secretary of State for Tourism’s Smart Destination methodology, which assesses over 400 requirements linked to the five categories for a Smart Destination: governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability.

The results of the meetings and analysis of the information provided by all the agents involved will be used to assess the level to which Vitoria-Gasteiz complies with each category. This will serve as the basis for the diagnostic report and the action plan to turn it into a Smart Destination.