SEGITTUR works to support Salamanca in becoming a Smart Destination

This week, SEGITTUR began working with the city of Salamanca to help it become a Smart Destination. This is a result of the initiative promoted by the local government to add value to the destination.

Salamanca is the first World Heritage City to embark on its journey towards becoming a Smart Destination.  Experts from SEGITTUR are holding remote meetings with the different agents directly and indirectly involved in the management of the destination, explaining the Smart Destination model to them while collecting information for the destination to be assessed.

Interviews to produce the diagnostic report included those with the councillor for Tourism, the heads of promotion, economy, trade, technology, environment, mobility and transparency and the heads of the Tourism department from Salamanca Provincial Council.

SEGITTUR has also spoken with the heads of the Exhibition and Conference Centre, Salamanca Convention Bureau, Salamanca Film Commission and the Cultural Foundation, in addition to representatives from the different sectors linked to tourism, like the Association of Hotel Managers, the Association of Spanish Language Schools, the Association of People with Disabilities, and tourist guides and hotels.

The work is based around the Secretary of State for Tourism’s Smart Destination methodology, which assesses over 400 requirements linked to the five categories for a Smart Destination: governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability.

The results of the meetings and analysis of the information provided by all the agents involved will be used to assess the level to which Salamanca complies with each category. This will serve as the basis for the diagnostic report and the action plan to turn it into a Smart Destination.