SEGITTUR and AECID organise webinars on new online marketing technologies aimed at Latin America

SEGITTUR, together with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), are organising a series of webinars focusing on new technologies for online promotion and the creation of tourism experiences, aimed at professionals in Latin America.

Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Destinations and tourism companies now need to prepare for when we are all able to travel again. On this journey back to normality, new technologies are going to be a huge help to online marketing, which is key to promoting tourism. According to several studies, tourism will be paying particular attention to experiences, as tourists now want to make new memories and have memorable life experiences.

To this end, the organisations are arranging two webinars for tourism professionals in Latin American governments. The first of these, which is to be held on 11 March, will focus on “New technologies applied to online tourism marketing”, while the second, on 18 March, is dedicated to the “Creation and commercialisation of tourism experiences”.

Both webinars are aimed at representatives, civil servants and administration staff working in local, regional and national tourism in Latin America, as well as at experts and specialists with proven experience in the promotion of destinations and the design and implementation of public policies on national and international advertising campaigns.

The webinar focusing on new technologies will discuss changing tourist behaviour resulting from the role technology is now playing in the tourism sector. Bearing this in mind, the new technologies used in online promotion will be discussed, such as artificial intelligence – in particular conversation assistants – and virtual reality. The importance of big data for better tourist promotion will also be covered.

During the second webinar, the importance of offering tourism experiences will be presented. These experiences must emphasise the attraction and uniqueness of each destination, and the focus must be on diversification and placing value on tourism resources, as well as boosting advertising and commercialisation of these experiences so tourists can plan and enjoy their visits to the destination.

Those interested can check the full programme and sign up on the AECID website: