SEGITTUR and Fitur launch the Chatbot Tourism Awards 2021

SEGITTUR and Fitur have announced the third Chatbot Tourism Awards, the competition for tourism chatbots and voice apps, which will be held as part of Fitur Know-How & Export in recognition of the increasing importance of virtual assistants helping tourists at different stages of their trips.

The competition aims to find the best solutions for chatbots and conversation technology, both at a national and international level, used by tourism destinations and companies to improve tourists’ experiences before, during and after their holidays.

This third competition will feature a unique category, awarded to the best Tourism Chatbot of 2021. Companies from all areas of the tourism sector, such as hotel chains, airlines, travel agencies and tourist destinations, will be able to compete in this category.

Moreover, both conversation assistants based in messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or own channels such as websites or mobile apps, and also bots largely based on voice conversations like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, will be able to participate.

As in previous competitions, SEGITTUR will be supported by Planeta Chatbot, the leading Spanish-language provider of information on chatbots and artificial intelligence, as well as a jury of experts in technology and tourism.

Creators of chatbots and voice apps interested in participating can do so via the online form available on the SEGITTUR website.

The relevance of chatbots.

In the current climate, technology has been a huge support to the tourism sector in managing communication with different stakeholders, and continues to be an ongoing focus with a view to a future return to normality.

In terms of technology aimed at improving tourism experiences, the conversational technology market continues to grow, strengthening its position as an efficient and effective tool for companies to communicate with their customers. The MarketsandMarkets report indicates that the chatbots market will be worth over $10.5 billion in 2026, double its worth in 2020.