SEGITTUR: institutional partner of the Tourism Innovation Summit 2020

SEGITTUR is collaborating as a strategic partner during the first Tourism Innovation Summit (TIS), which will be held in Seville from 25th to 27th November, supported by the city’s local government and the regional government of Andalusia.

The Tourism Innovation Summit consists of an international forum on innovation and trends to transform the tourism sector over the next ten years, with the aim of converting Seville into the world capital of innovative tourism.

TIS 2020 has become the summit uniting the tourism sector to demonstrate that it is possible to travel safely by implementing extremely extensive protocols, including antigen tests for visitors to guarantee safety and hygiene measures and thus becoming a global example of which tools and strategies we can apply in the tourism sector to reignite it.

With 18 years of experience in innovation and technologies applied to tourism, SEGITTUR joined this initiative at the announcement of the project last February, as it is aware that innovation, particularly in the current climate, must feature within the constantly evolving tourism sector.

“This is an opportunity SEGUTTIR could not miss,” stressed its Chairman, Enrique Martínez Marín, who expressed his conviction of the need to invest in innovation and technology to help the sector, without forgetting that before this can happen, it is first necessary to properly identify the problems we need to find solutions for.

SEGITTUR will participate in the three days of the event, although it will be paying special attention to the day focusing on destinations, during which it will share its knowledge of the Smart Destinations model in which innovation and technology are at the forefront.

The annual Tourism Innovation Summit is a space to share knowledge and reinvent the sector, combining a wide congressional agenda, in which the largest international experts will participate to establish trends in tourism, together with leading technological companies, which will present the latest solutions for the tourism industry. “The TIS will unite the whole tourism and technological sector to establish strategies and a road map to ignite the coming 2021 tourist season,” stated Silvia Avilés, the director of the Tourism Innovation Summit.

Under the slogan “Where Technology meets Tourism”, the directors and professionals of the sector participating in the first TIS will be able to learn about the most noteworthy technological innovations in the world. Moreover, professionals will witness real examples of how technological tools like the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Blockchain and 5G are transforming the sector, and learn about trends and success stories.

Over 300 national and international experts will participate in six vertical forums and varied agendas for each professional profile and segment of the industry, in which the latest developments in sustainable transportation, intelligent design, new business models and the application of the latest technologies to the sector will be discussed.