Goio de Turismo de Tenerife is the winner of “the Chatbot Tourism Awards 2021”

The Goio de Turismo de Tenerife Chatbot has won the Chatbot Tourism Awards 2021, organised by SEGITTUR and the Fitur International Tourism Trade Fair as part of Fitur Know-How & Export, together with Planeta Chatbot, a leading Spanish information portal specialising in chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

A total of 12 candidates competed this year, featuring destination and tourist service chatbots, with Artiem Hoteles, EM Hoteles and the Gran Hotel Peñíscola making the final.

Each of these finalists was assessed on four criteria: usability, cognitive ability, fulfilment of the objective for which it was created and user experience.

The prizes were awarded by a jury made up of Francisco Montero Millán, IBM Data & AI Tech Sales Manager for SPGI; Ángel Hernández, managing partner of Chatbot Chocolate; Víctor Badorrey, director of International Relations at SEGITTUR; and David Bueno Vallejo, a professor at the University of Malaga and creator of the Victoria la Malagueña chatbot, the first ever winner of the competition.

The experts all agree that the Goio de Turismo de Tenerife chatbot responds correctly to “Recommend me a restaurant”, “I want to go surfing”, “visits to Teide” and other questions that open up a conversation with the virtual assistant, as well as to chats.

User experience and fulfilment of the objective for which it was created were the two criteria for which it received the highest marks from the jury members, in addition to its visual appearance and its characteristic design which allows users to identify Goio as a virtual travel partner for tourists on the island.