SEGITTUR visits Tenerife to turn it into a Smart Destination

This week, experts from SEGITTUR will be visiting the Island of Tenerife to hold meetings with authorities and representatives from the sector to produce the diagnostic report and action plan to turn the island into a Smart Destination.

The local councillor for Territory Planning, Historical Heritage and Tourism, José Gregorio Martín Plata, together with a team from SEGITTUR, has presented the work being performed to experts in tourism, technology and sustainability, and the benefits that becoming the first island to be certified as a Smart Destination will bring.

Four experts from the public company will stay in Tenerife until Friday to complete the data collection that will lead to the conclusion of the diagnostic phase, which began in May.

This work is the result of the agreement within the Fitur framework signed by the President of Tenerife, Pedro Martín, and the Chairman of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez.

After the first information assessment phase come the expert meetings and the visits to different tourism resources on the island. All of the above will allow the evaluation of the level of compliance with the 400 requirements within the five categories of the Smart Destination model: governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability.

This week, the team will visit the historic centre of Santa Cruz, La Laguna, the Renewable Energy Institute, Arona, the El Teide national park and the Cruz port, among other locations.