Promoter of the Smart Destinations Platform

Deployment of the Smart Destinations Platform began in 2021, and several rounds of dialogue have been held with the tourism and technology sector, allowing all sides to define objectives, characterization, scopes and specifications.  In this context, the need arose to create a central promoter, with both public and private representation, to play a key role in the design and development of the platform.

The Promoter works to ensure coordination and cooperation with the business sector and city/destination networks so as to continue with the ongoing dialogue that has come to define the platform’s approach and scope.

It is made up of representatives from the various cities: DTI Network, RECI and FEMP; representatives of the tourism and technology business sectors: Tourism Council CEOE, Adigital, Ametic, Conetic y Digitales, UNE, Benidorm City Council and Invat_tur.

Its duties include that of ensuring that the design and implementation of the Smart Destinations Platform is aligned with the needs of the destinations and their particular socio-economic ecosystems. It also keeps close track of the various actions being carried out and reports on such all activities: studies into the state of the art, pilots and use cases to fully unlock the basic and specialised capabilities of the platform, thus enabling interoperability with other public and private platforms, improving the operational capacity of the sector and generating new scenarios for data governance and exploitation.

The promoter was set up as a result of the ongoing dialogue with the sector. As part of this process, a series of documents were drawn up jointly to determine the scope of the Country Platform and the call for aid of the Smart Destinations Platform.