Leading tourism sector development through innovation and technology, always with sustainability at the forefront: this is the objective of Smart Destinations. These destinations are linked together via the Smart Destination Network in order to promote synergies and the transfer of knowledge, thus maximising the benefits of this methodology.

The Secretariat of State for Tourism and SEGITTUR jointly coordinate the Smart Destinations Network, which provides advice on how the methodology can be applied, and promotes an exchange of experience and best practice among its members.

It also does so from an external perspective, giving visibility to the project and the Smart Destinations, both nationally and internationally, spreading the word about the work carried out, and contributing to showcasing the leading role played by Spain in smart tourism.

With these goals in mind, the Network integrates not only the public administrations at different levels that are involved, but also includes other essential stakeholders in this process: the private sector, the academic sector, and in short all those whose knowledge and area of work can add value to the development of Smart Destinations.

Why join the network?

Network members have the opportunity to participate in the project’s evolution, and also have access to useful information on the different topics that are key for a Smart Destination, together with visibility on the international stage. In this way, member destinations benefit from:

  • Being part of the strategic alliances generated between destinations and the private sector with a view to innovation and technological development in tourism.
  • A support service to help with the process of becoming a Smart Destination.
  • Advice on standardisation and the use of seals such as SICTED, the Integrated System of Spanish Tourism Quality in Destinations.
  • Access to databases of grants, subsidies and funding.
  • Skills training programmes related to the principles of the Smart Destinations methodology.
  • A catalogue of suppliers of technological solutions and service providers for destinations.
  • A news service and a repository of studies and publications.
  • Presence and participation at national and international trade fairs and forums, as well as on other networks.

Smart Destinations network members

The Network currently has 618 members. Of these, 437 are destinations, 87 are institutions,  91 are companies and 3 observers.