Directory of Technological Solutions for Smart Destinations

In collaboration with different associations within the sector, SEGITTUR has created a Directory of Technological Solutions, compiling companies’ products and services which may be of interest to a Smart Destination.

This Directory of Technological Solutions for Smart Destinations is a collection of suppliers’ technological solutions available on the national market for the tourism sector, and more specifically for all the activity that may be carried out within a Smart Destination.

The objective of this initiative is to give Smart Destinations easy access to knowledge on solutions and resources that help them become more competitive, thus generating a meeting point between supply and demand.

The Directory classifies solutions based on the five categories in the Smart Destination model (governance, sustainability, accessibility, innovation and technology). To facilitate the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an additional category has been added, featuring solutions to aid work in this area.

A wide variety of solution types are included, from those related to artificial intelligence, virtual assistants or data analysis systems, to tools for marketing, CRM, video mapping, virtual reality, active listening or web design, to others related to efficient water management, air quality, energy or waste.

The Directory currently features over 60 solutions, to which new solutions are constantly being added. All of these can be viewed at the following web address:

Presence in the Directory is totally free for companies. Anybody interested in listing a solution in the Directory can do so by firstly signing up as a supplier via the following link: