The 10th Edition of Fitur Know-How & Export is to take place in 2022, and will be focused on digitalisation, sustainability and smart tourism destinations

The tenth edition of Fitur Know-How & Export will be taking place from 19 to 21 January 2022, and the spotlight will be on digitalisation, sustainability and smart tourism destinations.

Fitur Know-How & Export, an initiative launched by SEGITTUR and FITUR in collaboration with ICEX España, the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade, will be attended by 38 companies that provide a range of solutions in terms of technology, innovation, sustainability and accessibility for destinations and tourism firms.

The aim of this initiative, which has been up and running for ten years, is to give visibility to the role of companies in promoting the smart destination model, as well as to support the internationalisation of Spanish tourism companies, giving them the opportunity to showcase their potential and publicise their innovative services and products in other international markets.

The focus of this 10th edition will be digitalisation, providing visibility to new technologies that are key for both the present and the future of tourism, and the role of cybersecurity as a crucial part of a safe digital transformation, as well as looking at the evolution and examples of best practices for smart destinations.

In terms of sustainability, those attending Fitur Know-How & Export will have the opportunity to learn how circular economy principles can be applied to tourism, together with the commitment to measuring the carbon footprint generated by the industry and the actions that can be taken to offset it.


In a year’s time the SEGITTURLab space will be available, and will offer 18 practical workshops for tourism professionals which will focus on a broad range of subjects such as digital tourist offices, active listening, data management, the digitalisation of the sector, sustainable tourism intelligence, knowledge generation, and the role of universities, technology and revenue.

Those interested in SEGITTURLab can register using the online form available on the SEGITTUR website