Tourism Quality Management Systems

  • Since its inception, SEGITTUR has participated in the development and maintenance of the different tools and websites used by the Secretariat of State for Tourism via the Deputy Directorate-General for Tourism Development and Sustainability in order to manage and control the quality of the services provided at Spanish tourist destinations and accommodation, as well as to facilitate training for those working within the tourism industry. These tools are:
    • Quality in Destinations (SICTED): This is a project for improving the quality of tourist destinations, working with companies/ services in up to 35 different professional sectors, with the ultimate aim of improving tourists’ experience and satisfaction. SEGITTUR is responsible for the technological maintenance that supports this system, also contributing to the design of the SICTED methodology and collaborating in its management on a daily basis, thus providing a comprehensive and consistent response to quality management in Spanish tourist destinations, offering an approach geared towards ongoing improvement, to regain resources and enhance their value.   /


  • Spanish Tourism Quality (SCTE): SEGITTUR is the technological partner used to build and maintain the management system that underpins all the methodologies and guidelines, and offers tools for managing and measuring service that are adapted to the particular tourism company so that they can monitor the whole process of obtaining and managing the “Q” seal for tourism quality
  • Training programme for tourist destinations (ANFITRIONES): This is a training system, available both online and in person, for tourism professionals who want to improve their skills, with a particular focus on improving the quality perceived by the customer, and on learning how to manage and improve tourist destinations.